Wells Township Zoning

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Master Plan

Wells Township Master Plan 2016

The Wells Township Master Plan is a document intended to aid in future development and growth within the Township, provide a basis for the TownshipZoning Ordinance, and define the visions and wishes of the government and its people for the next 20 years. Major elements discussed in this document include: population and demographics, community facilities and services, recreation, transportation, natural features and land use. After addressing the question “where are we now?” the next step is determining “where do we want to go in the future?” To answer the question, the Planning Commission has developed goals based on the Township’s needs that became evident as existing conditions were documented. This Master Plan addresses the issues of present conditions and the Township’s needs and desired future conditions, while also providing a means to achieve future development goals and objectives. It is important to note that the Master Plan is not a Zoning Ordinance, nor it is law or an ordinance. It is a long range policy guide for future development of the Township and should be used as a planning tool.